Who Am I

I am a Dehradun based fashion & wedding photographer, born in Dehradun and brought up in Mumbai. My career as a professional photographer was just a wild passion at initial stage. As time passed it grew up and developed as a full-fledged profession, as it is now. In my early 30’s, I decided to move to Thailand where I got into Commercial Photography (fashion, makeup and jewellery) I also gained a lot of experience in landscape and wildlife Photography.

There I began to work with some great photographers for a couple of years. After that I thought of returning back to Dehradun and then I started my own business in Commercial and Fashion Photography for the local high profile clients those otherwise had to hire, photographers from other regions. During this period I also experienced the creative Wedding and Event Photography and immersed myself completely into them along with Fashion Photography.

I like working with people, telling stories and creating character in my images.

While I am taking care of regional clients, I keep working on various National/International assignments, offering turnkey solutions to the clients anywhere in the world.

Having achieved so much in such less time, I still feel that my journey has just begun.

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